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NAD Therapy : A Revolutionary Health Discovery

NAD Reverse Aging and Recovery

What Patients Are Saying

Mike was addicted to a very high dose of pain pills for over 12 years, He didn’t expect the result he got with the BRAIN RESTORATION + infusion treatment. He’s on his 8th day and can’t belive how clear and positive he feels. He is ready to live again!

The 63-year-old is on his 8th day of Brain Restoration + treatment and shares how he has greater clarity than he has had in 30 years.

Dana has struggled with addiction and suicidal thoughts her whole life. She is on her 8th day of a 10-day treatment with Brain Restoration

Chris has been a Heroin addict since age 16. Here he is 20 years old and agrees to undergo the 10 day treatment to detox his heroin addiction. He is video taped from before starting to Day 10. Notice the complexion changes and his quick transformation from Day 1 to Day 10

Zeb shares about an addicts dilemna while receiving treatment on Day 4

Detox off of Suboxon with BRAIN RESTORATION+

Tes’s 4-Day Brain Restoration for stress quiets mind and improves sleep

Michelle’s Recovery from Alcohol with Brain Restoration+

What Health Care Professionals Are Saying

Paula Norris, MFT has treated hundreds of patients using BRAIN RESTORATION + formely known as NTR. She started in 2000 and was joined by her husband who is a psychiatrist, Richard Mestayer, MD. Together they have treated hundreds of patients and know first hand the amazing results in transforming addiction

Dr. Murphy is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and is an addictionologist working in the field of addiction for 25 years. She has witnessed first hand over the past few months the amazing results with BRAIN RESTORATION + in transforming the lives of addicts in just 10 days.

Jeanne Carson, RN has been an addiction nurse in 28 day programs and in hospitals. She shares how amazing and uniques the results with the Brain Restoration treatment over the past 7 months.

What Family Members Are Saying

Wife of a prescription pill addict gets her husband back!

Dana’s mother describes the changes in her daughter over the last 10 days and her recovery journey.